Gramma Toni’s Shrimp Dip

My mother used to make this shrimp dip for Super Bowl parties.  The recipe makes a little more than 1 quart, which is enough for 10-12 people to munch on as an appetizer.  It refrigerates very well – getting even better on the second day after all the flavors fully combine.   Continue reading “Gramma Toni’s Shrimp Dip”

Margaritas – Batch Portion

This recipe makes about 2.5 gallons of medium-strength margaritas.  That’s enough for 12-20 people, depending on how heavy they drink on average and how long the party is.  It is also ideal for a 5-gallon water cooler that has a pouring spout.  Continue reading “Margaritas – Batch Portion”