Rum Punch

This recipe makes ~1.5 gallons of medium-strength rum punch.  This is enough for 6-10 people, depending on how heavy they drink on average. 


600mL    Rum (probably sold in a 750mL bottle)

1/2 cup   Cointreau (or Triple Sec if you want to go lower budget)

2/3L       Sprite

48 oz      Mango Peach juice (or some other fruity concoction of your choice)

32 oz      Orange juice

Directions:  The hard part is getting the proper mix of ingredients.  Mixing can be done in any order.  You can also play with the relative portions of fruit juices and can always add more Sprite and rum if you start to run low during the party.

Author: Gordon Daugherty

Gordon Daugherty is a best-selling author, seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, startup advisor and investor. He has made more than 200 investments in early-stage companies and has been involved with raising more than $80 million in growth and venture capital. From his 28-year career in high tech, Gordon has both an IPO and a $200-million acquisition exit under his belt. Now, as co-founder and president of Austin’s Capital Factory and as author of the book “Startup Success”, Gordon spends 100 percent of his time educating, advising, and investing in startups.

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