Advice for New (or Aspiring) Beach House Owners

Many people dream of owning a house on the coast someday. My wife and I certainly did, and in 2011 we made it a reality. By that point in time, I was an experienced homeowner and a do-it-yourselfer, at that. But boy was I in for some surprises about what it means to live right next to the beach. This article is a collection of the most common advice I give new beach house owners.

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Home Maintenance Checklist

repairmanOwning home isn’t a “set it and forget it” endeavor.  The better you take care of your home the longer you can go between repairs and replacements that cost a lot of money.  Your home will also be at less risk of fire or accidental flood if you’ll take good care of it.  Below is my personal checklist of home maintenance tasks based on frequency.  I hope you find it helpful.

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Must-Have Tools for New Homeowners

toolsMost new homeowners previously lived in an apartment and surely acquired some basic tools.  But owning a home brings with it numerous new opportunities for do-it-yourselfers that previously were done by the apartment maintenance guy.  Below is my personal checklist for spending your money at Home Depot to outfit your new home.  Warning, the costs add up pretty quickly so get the items you can afford and be prepared for a new trip to the hardware store with each new project to add to the collection.

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20 Easy-to-Forget Things When Building a Home

Especially if you’re a first-timer (see related post titled “Home Building Advice for First Timers“), but also if you’re a veteran, you’re going to have some “why didn’t I think of that” moments after it’s too late.  Over the years I’ve kept a list of small and easy, but somewhat important, things to remember when building a home.  Below is a list of 20 of my favorites, plus a few optional things to consider.

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Home Building Advice for First Timers

Building a house or even finishing the last phases of construction on a spec home that you purchased can be stressful if you’ve never done it before.  In fact, it’s at least a little stressful every time after that too.  But there are a handful of things I remind myself of as I enter the process and I wanted to share them with others that are building a house for the first time.

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