15 Easy-to-Forget Things When Building a Home

Especially if you’re a first-timer (see related post titled “Home Building Advice for First Timers“) but also if you’re a veteran, you’re going to have some “why didn’t I think of that” moments after it’s too late.  Over the years I’ve kept a list of small and easy, but somewhat important, things to remember when building a home.  Below is a list of 17 of my favorites (I know, the title says “15” but I’ve added more over the years).

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Home Building Advice for First Timers

Building a house or even finishing the last phases of construction on a spec home that you purchased can be stressful if you’ve never done it before.  In fact, it’s at least a little stressful every time after that too.  But there are a handful of things I remind myself of as I enter the process and I wanted to share them with others that are building a house for the first time.

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