Uncle Doug’s Breakfast Hash

Another one of my brother’s specialties.  This recipe makes enough for 6-8 people to have a hardy breakfast and it’s flexible enough to throw in just about whatever you want. 


3-4       Medium-sized baking (Russet) potatoes

1          Green pepper

1          Red pepper

1          Medium sized onion

4          Eggs

4          Sausage patties (pre-cooked, round/flat ones)

10-12    Slices of bacon (pre-cooked is easier)

2 cups   Grated cheese (monterrey jack or cheddar are typical choices)

Tortillas and salsa (optional)

Preparation:  Cut potatoes into cubes.  Slice peppers length-ways and then into thirds.  Cut onion into chunks or slices.  Cut sausage into small pieces/chunks.  Scramble eggs in separate bowl with small amount of milk.  Cook bacon until crispy and crumble into fairly small pieces.

Cooking and Combining:  Add oil to a large skillet with high sides and cook the potatoes and sausage together until browned but with the potatoes still firm.  Add the peppers and onions to the main skillet while starting to cook the scrambled eggs in a separate skillet.  Once the eggs are 90% done, add them to the main skillet and continue to cook until the peppers are at the desired firmness.  Add the top layer of cheese, sprinkle the bacon on top and turn the heat off.  Once the cheese melts, the hash is ready to serve either on a plate or in tortillas with salsa.

recipe breakfast hash

Author: Gordon Daugherty

Over the past 15 years Gordon has seen more than 1,500 startup pitches, given personal advice to more than 500 entrepreneurs and been involved with raising over $45M in growth and venture capital. Throughout his 28 year career in high tech, Gordon has two IPO’s and a $200M acquisition exit under his belt. Now, through his advisory practice called Shockwave Innovations and as Managing Director for Austin’s Capital Factory startup accelerator, Gordon’s focus is purely on educating, advising and investing in tech startups.

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